The pecan agroecosystem is one of the most important native tree crops in the United States. Many insects attack the trees, leaves, nuts, buds and are damaged by a wide variety of insects that lower the crop production. Natural enemies such as spiders may help to balance pest population densities in this agroecosystem, therefore they should be considered an integral part of pest management programs in Texas pecans. This website has been designed to help growers and biologists identify common spiders found in pecans and to help understand the role this eight legged group may play in biological control of pests in this crop.

Collections were made in several pecan orchards over a period of three years in Texas, mainly at Robertson Co and Comanche Co. Specimens were collected by using different sampling techniques.

This partial list has been generated based on collections made on several orchards throughout Texas. It contains 193 species in 28 families putting this agroecoystem as one of the richest on spider fauna. Specimens are deposited in the Entomology spider collection at Texas A&M University.

Last updated February 4, 2016
This list is based on collections made in several orchards in Texas and contains 197 species in 29 families putting this agroecoystem as one of the richest on spider fauna. Specimens are deposited in the Entomology spider collection at Texas A&M University.

Mygalomorphae (1 species)

Agelenidae   (1 species)
Agelenopsis sp.

Anyphaenidae   (5 species)
Anyphaena sp.
Hibana futilis (Banks)
Hibana gracilis (Hentz)
Luppetiana mordax (O.P.-Cambridge)
Wulfila tantillus Chickering

Araneidae   (16 species)
Acacesia hamata (Hentz)
Acanthepeira stellata (Walckenaer)
Araneus juniperi (Emerton)
Argiope aurantia Lucas
Cyclosa turbinata (Walckenaer)
Eustala anastera (Walckenaer)
Eustala cepina (Walckenaer)
Eustala emertoni (Banks)
Gasteracantha cancriformis (Linnaeus)
Mangora placida (Hentz)
Mastophora cornigera (Hentz)
Metepeira labyrinthea (Hentz)
Neoscona arabesca (Walckenaer)
Neoscona crucifera (Lucas)
Neoscona oaxacensis (Keyserling)
Ocrepeira sp.

Clubionidae (2 species)
Clubiona abboti L. Koch
Elaver excepta (L. Koch)

Corinnidae (4 species)
Castianeira amoena (L. Koch)
Castianeira descripta (Hentz)
Castianeira longipalpa (Hentz)
Falconina gracilis (Keyserling)

Dictynidae (17 species)
Cicurina texana (Gertsch)
Dictyna annexa Gertsch & Mulaik
Dictyna calcarata Banks
Dictyna volucripes Keyserling
Dictyna sp. nr cholla Gertsch & Davis
Dictyna sp. nr coloradensis Chamberlin
Emblyna annulipes (Blackwall)
Emblyna evicta (Gertsch & Mulaik)
Emblyna hentzi (Kaston)
Emblyna sp. nr. hentzi (Kaston)
Emblyna sp. nr iviei (Gertsch & Mulaik)
Emblyna sp. 1
Emblyna sp. 2
Emblyna sp. 3
Phantyna bicornis (Emerton)
Phantyna segregata (Gertsch & Mulaik)
Phantyna sp. nr. pixi (Chamberlin & Gertsch)

Eutichuridae (1 species)
Cheiracanthium inclusum (Hentz)

Gnaphosidae (19 species)
Camillina pulchra (Keyserling)
Cesonia bilineata (Hentz)
Drassyllus aprilinus (Banks)
Drassyllus inanus Chamberlin & Gertsch
Drassyllus lepidus (Banks)
Drassyllus notonus Chamberlin
Drassyllus orgilus Chamberlin
Drassyllus texamans Chamberlin
Gnaphosa sericata (L. Koch)
Herpyllus ecclesiasticus Hentz
Micaria deserticola Gertsch
Micaria nanella Gertsch
Nodocion eclecticus Chamberlin
Nodocion floridanus (Banks)
Sergiolus sp.
Talanites sp
Zelotes gertschi Platnick & Shadab
Zelotes pseustes Chamberlin
Zelotes tuobus Chamberlin

Hahniidae (2 species)
Hahnia cinerea Emerton
Neoantistea mulaiki Gertsch

Linyphiidae (36 species)
Agyneta chiricahua Dupérré
Agyneta crista Dupérré
Agyneta flax Dupérré
Agyneta llanoensis (Gertsch & Davis)
Agyneta micaria (Emerton)
Agyneta parva (Banks)
Agyneta regina (Chamberlin & Ivie)
Agyneta sandia Dupérré
Agyneta tuberculata Dupérré
Ceraticelus similis (Banks)
Ceraticelus sp. nr creolus Chamberlin
Ceraticelus sp. nr laticeps (Emerton)
Ceraticelus sp. nr paschalis Crosby & Bishop
Ceraticelus sp. nr similis (Banks)
Ceratinops crenatus (Emerton)
Ceratinops sp. nr rugosus (Emerton)
Ceratinopsis sp. nr interpres (O. P.-Cambridge)
nr Ceratinopsis nigriceps Emerton
nr Coloncus siou Chamberlin
Erigone autumnalis Emerton
Grammonota texana (Banks)
Idionella sclerata (Ivie & Barrows)
Idionella sp. nr sclerata (Ivie & Barrows)
Lepthyhpantes sp. nr leprosus (Ohlert)
Masoncus conspectus (Gertsch & Davis)
nr Masoncus sp.
Mermessus denticulatus (Banks)
Mermessus maculatus (Banks)
Mermessus nr tridentatus (Emerton)
Tennesseellum formicum (Emerton)
Tutaibo anglicanus (Hentz)
Walckenaeria puella Millidge
Walckenaeria spiralis (Emerton)
linyphiid sp. 1
linyphiid sp. 2
linyphiid sp. 3

Lycosidae (11 species)
Allocosa absoluta (Gertsch)
Hogna antelucana (Montgomery)
Hogna lenta (Hentz)
Hogna sp. nr baltimoriana (Keyserling)
Pardosa delicatula Gertsch & Wallace
Pardosa pauxilla Montgomery
Pirata seminolus Gertsch & Wallace
Rabidosa rabida (Walckenaer)
Schizocosa avida (Walckenaer)
Schizocosa rovneri Uetz & Dondale
Tigrosa georgicola (Walckenaer)

Mimetidae (3 species)  
Ero sp.
Mimetus hesperus Chamberlin
Mimetus notius Chamberlin

Miturgidae (1 species)  
Teminius affinis Banks

Mysmenidae (1 species)
Mysmena incredula (Gertsch & Davis)

Nesticidae (1 species)
Eidmannella pallida (Emerton)

Oecobiidae (1 species)
Oecobius sp.

Oxyopidae (4 species) 
Hamataliwa sp.
Oxyopes apollo Brady
Oxyopes salticus Hentz
Peucetia viridans (Hentz)

Philodromidae (9 species)
Apollophanes punctipes
Ebo punctatus Sauer & Platnick
Philodromus keyserlingi Marx
Philodromus marginellus Keyserling
Philodromus marxi Keyserling
Philodromus vulgaris (Hentz)
Thanatus formicinus (Clerck)
Tibellus sp.
Titanebo redneri (Cokendolpher)

Pholcidae (1 species)
Psilochorus redemptus Gertsch & Mulaik

Phrurolithidae (3 species)
Phrurotimpus borealis (Emerton)
Phrurotimpus certus Gertsch
Scotinella fratrella (Gertsch)

Pisauridae (2 species)
Dolomedes albineus Hentz
Pisaurina sp.

Salticidae (23 species)
Colonus puerperus (Hentz)
Colonus sylvanus (Hentz)
Eris floridana (Banks)
Eris militaris (Hentz)
Habronattus coecatus (Hentz)
Habronattus texanus (Chamberlin)
Habronattus sp. nr viridipes (Hentz)
Hentzia palmarum (Hentz)
Marpissa lineata (C. L. Koch)
Metacyrba sp.
Metaphidippus chera (Chamberlin)
Paraphidippus aurantius (Lucas)
Peckhamia americana (Peckham & Peckham)
Pelegrina galathea (Walckenaer)
Pelegrina peckhamorum (Kaston)
Phidippus audax (Hentz)
Phidippus putnami (Peckham & Peckham)
Phidippus texanus Banks
Platycryptus undatus (DeGeer)
Salticus peckhamae (Cockerell)
Sarinda hentzi (Banks)
Sassacus papenhoei Peckham & Peckham
Synageles noxiosus (Hentz)

Segestriidae (1 species)
Ariadna bicolor (Hentz)

Tetragnathidae (2 species)
Glenognatha foxi (McCook)
Tetragnatha laboriosa Hentz

Theridiidae (15 species)
Argyrodes elevatus Taczanowski
Cryptachaea porteri (Banks)
Dipoena abdita Gertsch & Mulaik
Euryopis texana Banks
Hentziectypus globosus (Hentz)
Latrodectus mactans (Fabricius)
Platnickina alabamensis (Gertsch & Archer)
Steatoda transversa (Banks)
Theridion australe Banks
Theridion hidalgo Levi
Theridion murarium Emerton
Theridion positivum Chamberlin
Tidarren haemorrhoidale (Bertkau)
Wamba crispulus (Simon)
Yunohamella lyrica (Walckenaer)

Thomisidae (10 species)
Bassaniana versicolor (Keyserling)
Mecaphesa asperata (Hentz)
Mecaphesa celer (Hentz)
Mecaphesa dubia (Keyserling)
Misumessus oblongus (Keyserling)
Tmarus sp.
Xysticus elegans Keyserling
Xysticus ferox (Hentz)
Xysticus funestus Keyserling
Xysticus texanus Banks

Trachelidae (4 species)
Meriola decepta Banks
Trachelas mexicanus Banks
Trachelas similis F. O. P.-Cambridge
Trachelas volutus Gertsch

Uloboridae (1 species)
Uloborus glomosus (Walckenaer)


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